Motorcycle Accident Injury Miami

Florida is a popular place to ride motorcycles. The weather is nice all year round, especially in South Florida and Miami in particular. Some people ride motorcycles for the sheer thrill of it – the wind blowing through your hair, and the freedom you feel being out in the open. Others ride them as a practical means of transportation – they are cheaper than cars and not much is required for insurance in Florida. But along with the lower price tag and the exhilarating feeling come a whole host of risks and dangers. Motorcycle drivers are out on the roads and highways with cars and trucks that are capable of inflicting a death blow to the rider, even if they are wearing a helmet. Motorcycles can be difficult to see during lane changes and turns and what would typically be only a minor fender bender between two cars can spell life threatening injuries or even death to the exposed motorcyclist. Truck drivers and drivers of cars as well as any passengers should be wearing seat belts at all times. This prevents them from being thrown from the vehicle in the event of a crash. Motorcycle riders do not have this option. It is very common for them to be thrown off their “bike” and even if they do survive, though the odds are against them, they may experience severe head and neck injuries and or spinal cord injury that can render them paralyzed for the rest of their lives. Even a minor collision with a light weight vehicle such as a compact car can cause more damage because of the motorcyclist being completely exposed. Whereas the car, truck or bus driver is protected by the vehicle they are driving, the driver of a motorcycle can suffer broken bones, internal injuries, and brain damage from a mere “fender bender”. The only other type of vehicle that can be as dangerous is a bicycle, but those are not found on highways and are not travelling at the same high speeds as a motorcycle. With all these risks and dangers, thousands of people still choose to ride motorcycles in Miami and South Florida. 411 Pain hopes that everyone stays safe out there, but if you or someone you know should be involved in a motorcycle wreck, call 1-800-411-Pain for help right away! 411-Pain is a lawyer and medical referral service based in South Florida and created over twenty years ago to help accident victims get their lives back on course after a crash. They will direct you to the best personal injury attorney to handle your case and make sure that you receive fair compensation. Don’t suffer – if you hurt, call 1 800 411 Pain!