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Fatal Truck Accidents In Miami Little Havana

There are many types of trucks involved in accidents all over the Miami metro area. There are trucks carrying merchandise for stores, trucks carrying freight and cargo such as gasoline or other hazardous materials and trucks carrying garbage. Any of these can get into an accident with a car or multiple cars as seen on SW 7th Street and 17th Ave near Marlins Park where an 11 car crash left a taxi passenger dead and seven others sent to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The cause of the accident is yet unknown, though high speed was said to have been a factor.

The most common causes of accidents involving trucks in Miami are improperly loaded cargo that shifts while driving, faulty equipment or failure to regularly inspect and maintain the vehicles and excessive speed. Any of these or a combination of them can prove fatal to a passenger or driver of a car or motorcycle. The driver of the truck is fairly well protected by the massive cabin of the driver in the massive vehicle which dwarfs any car and certainly a motorcycle whose driver is completely exposed anyway.

Trucking accidents are common in Allapattah, Coral Way and Downtown Miami because of all the traffic congestion from the major intersecting highways such as 95, the Dolphin and the Palmetto. However truck crashes can and do happen anywhere in South Florida area with all of it’s crowded intersections and causeways and heavy traffic at all hours. It’s a dangerous place, but 411 Pain is here to help.

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