Miami DUI 411 PAIN

DUI accidents in Miami are unfortunately quite common. Not only are they responsible for a tragic loss of life every year, they also cause untold suffering for the victims and their families. One of the things that distinguish DUI accidents from other types of car accidents is the fact that the DUI driver is not just negligent; driving under the influence is illegal, and a driver who caused an accident while intoxicated did so while committing a crime. This fact has serious consequences for the victims, who may be entitled to receive additional compensation. 411 PAIN was established twenty years ago for the express purpose of helping accident victims get the justice they deserve and the healing they need. It is essential that DUI accident victims speak with an accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. DUI accident victims and their families need to know their legal rights so they can make plans for the future, as well as make reasonable claims for compensation for medical treatments, both treatments already received as well as treatments that can reasonably be required in the future, such as rehabilitation therapy. There is also the issue of emotional trauma and suffering, which may require much time and therapy before there can be true healing. These factors are important to consider when facing the question of what sort of damages ought to be demanded as part of the victim’s rights following a DUI accident. All too often, insurance companies hand accident victims a check and make them sign a form preventing the victims from pursuing any additional compensation in the future. You should always speak to your attorney before signing anything given to you by an insurance company. In many cases, these unfortunate accident victims signed away their rights for additional compensation, and only later discovered that the settlement they agreed to was inadequate for their final medical expenses. It was to help accident victims get the justice and treatment they deserve that led to the creation of 411 PAIN, the nation’s best auto accident victim assistance resource. DUI drivers should be forced to pay for the suffering and pain they have caused. In this day and age, everybody knows about the dangers of drinking and driving. To drive while under the influence isn’t just dangerous, it’s also willfully ignoring the safety and well-being of every other driver on the road. It is also a major criminal offense, and DUI drivers face a variety of severe legal penalties. But in addition to that, they are also liable for civil suits that force them to compensate their victims and the families of the people they have hurt. If you or anyone you know has been involved in an accident caused by a DUI driver, please call 1-800-411-PAIN today and see what we can do for you.