Halloween Miami 411 PAIN

411 PAIN reminds drivers and pedestrians to be careful this Halloween. Drivers always need to be concerned about safety, and this is especially true at times like Halloween. Halloween is a great holiday for adults and children, and drivers need to be careful since there are likely to be many more people out at night than usual. Children are especially at risk, since they will be out trick or treating. Many will be wearing dark costumes, making it hard for drivers to see children out on the road. Even though most children will be accompanied by adults, it still will be difficult for adults to keep track of children (especially if they are in a group) in the dark. Sadly, every year some over-excited children dart out into the street before they can be stopped by an adult and get injured in an auto accident. Such tragedies can be avoided if drivers pay close attention to what’s going on around them. Usually drivers focus on the road and other vehicles, but on Halloween you need to pay attention to the sidewalks and pedestrians much more than usual.

Parents can help protect their children by making sure they all carry some type of lighting device such as a glowstick. Glowsticks are strong, resilient plastic tubes filled with chemicals that give off a steady light. Once activated, glowsticks can provide steady light for several hours. They come in many colors and sizes, and can be dropped repeatedly and thrown around without suffering any damage. This makes them ideal for childen out trick or treating. The soft, steady light of a glowstick can help drivers identify trick or treaters from a distance at night, making glowsticks an essential part of any Halloween costume.

Another problem drivers need to aware of is that many people celebrate Halloween with a party, and that means an increase in drunk driving rates. If you are out driving on Halloween, be extra attentive to the way people are driving around you, especially if you are out late at night. 411 PAIN urges people to drive responsibly and to stay safe this Halloween!